Metro Sexual - Season 2

TV Series (6 x 30 min)

Metro Sexual is back, bigger than ever! This season, Langdon and Steph's lives are turned upside down when a brand new dating app causes an explosion of STIs across the state. This season, the duo are also joined by newcomers Yasmin and Greg.

I was the screenwriter and showrunner (alongside Henry Boffin) for Metro Sexual Season 2. In addition to this, I also edited the series.

While Season 1 featured short 10 minute episodes, with Season 2 we expanded the show to become a proper half-hour sitcom. The longer episode format allowed us to tell more complex stories, add more main characters, and create more nuanced season arcs, while continuing our commitment to use the show to de-stigmatise sexual health.

Nominated for Best Writing in a Comedy Series at the 2022 Australian Writers' Guild Awards.