Cook Serve Delicious 2

Video Game

Deceptively easy to learn but incredibly difficult to master, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! takes you on a journey to become the world's best chef, with your small but humble restaurant on the 50th floor of the Teragon Supertower.

I was the writer (along with co-writer Ryan Matejka) for Cook, Serve, Delicious 2. Although the game doesn't contain a conventional narrative, Cook Serve Delicious 2 features a rich, post-apocalyptic world that players discover by receiving emails from other residents inside the tower. This allowed us to tell numerous stories, and paint a picture of a world in decay. All in all, the game contains over 80,000 words of text (about the length of a novel). The game's absurd, futuristic lore delighted players, who ultimately set out to create an entire Wiki dedicated to the History of the World, According to Cook Serve Delicious.

The game's commercial success resulted in a third game in the series, released in 2020.