Metro Sexual Season 1 Poster

Metro Sexual - Season 1

TV Series (8 x 10 min)

Welcome to Metropolitan Sexual Health, where doctors Steph (Geraldine Hickey) and Langdon (Riley Nottingham) deal with odorous STIs, onerous patients and arduous colleagues - all while fighting to keep their clinic afloat.

Metro Sexual is a sitcom I created with Henry Boffin and Riley Nottingham. I worked as a screenwriter and showrunner (with co-writer Henry Boffin), and also edited it.

We wanted to use Metro Sexual as a way of destigmatising sexual health. As such, we made a conscious effort to avoid punching down or making light of STIs and instead focused on creating comedy from the doctors themselves and the uncomfortable interactions they have with patients. 

Metro Sexual was notable for being the first show on mainstream Australian television to feature two gay leads. As a result of its success, we were able to expand the show into a half hour sitcom for its second season.

Metro Sexual was financed by Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Screen Queensland.